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Face Shield Mask
Face Shield Mask
Face Shield Mask

    Face Shield Mask

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    Maximum Protection Antifog Full Face Shields provide total facial splash protection, and has adjustable straps to ensure security and comfort throughout extended use. Protect head and front and side of face from fluid splash Low-glare shield provides distortion-free vision Antifog full face shields provide total facial splash protection and can be worn for extended periods Face shields are rigorously tested and manufactured in an ISO Certified facility under stringent process controls to ensure that each product meets exacting quality standards<br>Adjustable Stings. One size fits almost all adults.<br>Also Avaiable for kids. Kids Hat fits most kids 1-7yrs old.<br>Teens and young adults should order the adult sizes.<br>Wear a Procedure medical face mask under the face shild. Procedure masks or isolation masks may also be used to protect the mouth and nose, but are not cleared by the FDA for fluid resistant properties. There is no evidence to show that surgical masks are more protective than procedure masks, but there may be more variation in quality and performance among procedure masks. Many procedure masks have built-in eye protection, and are available in pleated or molded styles. Local health agencies may select either surgical or procedure masks, depending on employees preference.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester


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